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Hello Penguins!

As we promised, another new game is on its way to Club Penguin!  The Club Penguin team has been working really hard on this one!  I can’t say very much, but the image above is a bit of a sneak peek of what you’ll find when the game is released. And, I can tell you this: 

  • It is different than any other game we’ve ever launched
  • It is not an action game, like Aqua Grabber
  • It is not multiplayer (although we’re working hard on more of those as well)
  • It will be launched in the Book Room
  • It is really funny and something I hope you’ll all have fun with!

If all goes well, we’re planning to launch it this coming Monday!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

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1000 HITS

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As i said i would be having a party when i get to 1000 hits and i am going to it will be on march 15th at teh dock in frozen!!!

whats new on club penguin

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Billybob has posted some new stuff in the wats new section on cp here it is

Hello Penguins!

You all know that I like to give everyone a sneak peek when we’ve got some big things on the way.  Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but it also allows you to let your friends know so they don’t miss it.

Just to give you an idea of how big the next month is, here are a few things we have planned!

  • TWO Awesome Parties!
  • A Brand New Game!
  • A Sport Shop catalog Update with a new Game Upgrade!
  • A Scavenger Hunt!
  • And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture,  And More!


The Beach

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If you go to the beach you will see the things we have recovered from the new game aqua grabber


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i will be giving awau a penguin who is over 500 days and is really cool to play with!!!! it will be a number contest. You will choose a number in between 1 and 100 who ever gets it or is closest will win!!! guessing ends march 10th!!!!

aqua grabber

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there is a new game located on the iceberg called aqua grabber which is used to save rockhoppers ship. its loads of fun!!!!

next hall of famer poll results

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the winners of teh next hall of famer poll are clone and supposed and snowdobby!!!! thnx for voting